Battle of The Organs

Martin Baker & John Scott Whiteley    Friday 1st September 2023 AT 7:00pm

Our Appeals Director has been working closely with local community organisations, businesses and funders to draw up a project plan and application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Submitted recently, the application stands at £1.3million and is a joint project between Selby Abbey Trust and Selby Abbey Parochial Church Council.

​Lasting 3½ years, the project will see the north transept restored focusing on the masonry, guttering and repairs and cleaning of stained glass.

The project will include a large-scale community heritage engagement programme concentrating on the story of the St. Germain window and the monastic origins of the Abbey.

This will see an expansion of volunteer opportunities, new ways to tell our stories, a focus on wellbeing, the environment, education programmes for schools and a wider range of activities for the people of Selby.

​At this point, Selby Abbey Trust and the Parochial Church Council would like to thank everyone who has donated and to our supportive funders (particularly Selby District Council, The Aurelius Charitable Trust and ChurchCare) for helping us reach our match funding target of £17,257 to allow us to submit the application.

If successful, the Trust will work to secure another £109,916 in match funding. With your support we know we will succeed in hitting this target to keep the Abbey watertight and provide quality heritage and culture activities for our community.





The project will include a large-scale community heritage engagement programme.

Chairman of Trustees John Engelhart



The Right Reverend        Dr John Thomson            Bishop of Selby

The Reverend Canon John Weetman                         Vicar of Selby Abbey

David Caulfield            North Yorkshire County Council

Angela Crossland        North Yorkshire County Council

David Barstow

Grace Pullan

Fraser Stewart

Dr. Martin Clarke

Paul Simpson

Vice Chairman

Jennifer Cooke

Tom Pilcher

Rachel Benson

High Steward of Selby Abbey

David Sherriff             Architect ___________________

The project will include a large-scale community heritage engagement programme.

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